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Наталии Алексеевны Нарочницкой

Наталия Нарочницкая участвовала в Комиссии, при Президенте РФ по противодействию попыткам фальсификации истории в ущерб интересам России.

Русское гражданское движение

Наталия Алексеевна Нарочницкая – известный ученый, общественно-политический деятель, православный идеолог, доктор исторических наук

Европейский институт демократии и сотрудничества (Париж) возглавляет Наталия Алексеевна Нарочницкая

Фонд исторической перспективы (ФИП) был создан в 2004 году Наталией Алексеевной Нарочницкой и группой ее соратников.

Информационно-аналитический портал, посвященный деятельности российского ученого, общественного деятеля Наталии Алексеевны Нарочницкой


. The original cause of the tragic events in Yugoslavia was a hasty acknowledgment of individual subjects of the Yugoslav federation in defiance of the letter and spirit of the Helsinki Conclusive act, and in the case of Bosnia, in defiance of the Bosnian constitution itself (the change in status of a republic is possible only with the unanimous agreement of the other three communities when separately polled: the Serbs, the Croats, and Moslems). This led to the foregoing of the Serbs’ right to self-determination, who then became a nation (like the Russians) divided by six quasi-states on their own historical territory. Bosnia and Herzegovina, an artificial creation of communist state construction, immediately exploded Just as the united Yugoslavia was breaking up. (At a stage when the US and NATO’s final decision to openly enter the conflict with military action had not yet matured, NATO itself admitted the fault of previous decisions.)
As was to be expected, the US and NATO used the notorious rash decision of the UN Security Council’s resolution for planned invasion of the Balkans with their military machinery. Under the pretence of peacemaking efforts, the US and NATO entered the military conflict on the territory of Yugoslavia on the side of the Croatian-Moslem forces. NATO’s bombing of Serb positions in Bosnia is a violation of the North Atlantic Treaty itself, for not one of the sides in the conflict was in the state of war with a member of NATO nor did they pose a threat to a NATO member. One must name things for what they are: this is an act of international terrorism on a monstrous scale (as was the bombing of Iraq), that serves as evidence to the very serious retreat of world society from the principles of non-intervention. The readiness to cynically warp these principles and refuse them to certain nations which first undergo a «demonization», then a moral, and finally, physical destruction speaks of a moral setback by world society in an age where the idea of «universal human values’’ are so propagandized.

The most dangerous and far-reaching consequence of these actions Is that the UN took upon itself a right that absolutely does not belong to it through the Charter to give a mandate to NATO, which is not a UN structure, to enact military operations which exceed the limitations on actions and geographical zones of the North Atlantic Treaty in the internal conflict of a state. The current events are testimony not only to alarming symptoms, but also to the virtual formation of a global supranational structure for making resolutions, which legalized the privileged position of the USA and other western powers in their unconcealable claims on dictating the sovereign subjects of world society. With this in mind, NATO, a military organization of countries that acted within the framework of the rights during the Cold War, may be turned into a global gendarme that acts under the convenient aegis of a supposedly «universal» international organization. The UN immediately becomes an obedient instrument of anything but Russian interests with the weakening of control on Russia’s part.

On every level of the Yugoslav drama, there were obvious attempts (unfortunately, often successful) to reach a subsequent surrender of Russia’s political will and the destruction of its influence in the Balkans by using Russia’s involvement in western projects and in the military and political mechanism for Yugoslavia. Russian society must now show the broadest support for the foreign policy department in its notable attempts to not allow this mechanism to strengthen or legalize the infringement of the rights of the Serb nation, which was achieved with the assistance of brute military strength, for unity, for its own historical territory and for the observance of human rights. The most important area for the concentration of all state efforts is becoming the serious diplomatic campaign, which has already begun, against the expansion of NATO. The idea of ’exported or projected stability’ which supposedly has become the main component of NATO’s «altered’’ strategy was demonstrated in its barest form in Yugoslavia. But we see that neither the dismemberment of the USSR, the disintegration of the Soviet ideological and military alliance, nor the withdrawal of Russian troops from Central Europe and the Baltic region has led to the diminishment of the Atlantic alliance. On the contrary, this bloc, having preserved its ideological, military and organizational structure, has, after a tactical pause, conducted a policy for its future expansion on account of the former allies of the USSR and even parts of historical Russia.

In NATO doctrine the «Harmel plan» and the Provision of first use of nuclear weapons have been preserved, it hasn’t changed in principle. The orientation, which followed to conduct affairs only with individual nations and not with a bloc of Russian partners, continues (first the Warsaw Pact, then the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance, and now the CIS), so as not to bolster the supranational level of the given union and, consequently, Moscow’s influence and role among its partners. On the other hand, the USA has preserved and augmented its tactics of camouflaging its global interests with multilateral initiatives.
All these events evidence the advance to an obvious goal, which is turning East Europe, and later portions of the historical Russia state, into a sphere of influence for the USA and NATO. (East European states are rushing to NATO because of, among other things, a fear of Germany, especially on the backdrop of the undermining of stability of the territorial outcome from the Second World War

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