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Наталия Нарочницкая участвовала в Комиссии, при Президенте РФ по противодействию попыткам фальсификации истории в ущерб интересам России.

Русское гражданское движение

Наталия Алексеевна Нарочницкая – известный ученый, общественно-политический деятель, православный идеолог, доктор исторических наук

Европейский институт демократии и сотрудничества (Париж) возглавляет Наталия Алексеевна Нарочницкая

Фонд исторической перспективы (ФИП) был создан в 2004 году Наталией Алексеевной Нарочницкой и группой ее соратников.

Информационно-аналитический портал, посвященный деятельности российского ученого, общественного деятеля Наталии Алексеевны Нарочницкой

Russia in the New Geopolitical Context (part II)

THE NEW WORLD has put on the agenda a host of issues, two of which are the ever-topical historical and philosophic dilemmas: «Russia and Europe» and «Russia together with America or against it.» There are several new problems such as «America and the rest of the world» and «America and Europe.» It is for Russia itself to find its place in the complex intertwining that has already produced a system of international relations, no matter how incomplete. An independent decision alone can restore to Russia its system-forming function.

The first decade of the «unipolar» world produced an unprecedented high wave of anti-Americanism in Europe and a crisis in NATO. So far, Europe has failed to demonstrate that it possesses the necessary willpower and an ability to formulate a new cultural-historical and political alternative to what has already created global governance to which it fell victim together with the others.

The re-division of the world that is taking place before our eyes has a geopolitical script of its own and is reshuffling international political forces into new patterns. As soon as Russia finally loses all acquisitions of Peter the Great that have been troubling Europe since the 18th century «the decline of Europe» will become a fact. It will lose its role of a center of historical events of world importance. For a short while Old Europe was aware that as a result its own role and its value as Washington’s ally would decline. Europe has still to come to an inevitable conclusion that Russia’s great power role does not infringe on its own role in world politics. In fact, its role will diminish together with that of Russia’s.

Meanwhile Old Europe is losing its meaning as a historical project. This looks strange against the impressive perspectives of the EU territorial expansion and the role of the Euro as the second world reserve currency. The EU, however, is nothing more than a huge «organizational project» not bold enough to include in the European convention aims and values outside its limited earthly existence. Being purely materialistic and rational it is one of the most boring samples of what liberal planning can do. It confirms what conservative-minded philosopher of law Carl Schmitt said, not without a great deal of sarcasm, in the 1920s about similarity between the philosophical paradigms of Marxist and liberal economic doctrines: «The pictures of the world cherished by a contemporary industrialist and industrial proletariat can be taken for twins… The industrialist has no other ideal except that cherished by Lenin, viz. ’electrification of the globe.’ Their disagreements are limited to the methods.» [1]

The world and Europe as reflected in the minds of left Social-Democrats united into a new world-wide fraternitй is nothing more than a huge economic venture in need of optimization to be able to satisfy the growing requirements of primitive individuals. In the past, Solana, D’Alema and Fischer being pink social-democrats, red communists or ultra-lefts belonged to the cosmopolitan left Liberal set that eagerly embraced the idea of global super-community.

The new configurations will be of no use for Europe if it losses its spiritual destination that moved it at the times when it produced great powers and great cultures. Today, they are serving global governance and Washington’s Eurasian project.

One cannot take seriously the talks about a new Entente yet the new challenges and temptations of the material paradise force us to give a fresh look to the «Russia and Europe» dilemma that Europe has not yet resolved for itself. In the same way we should cast another glance at the sad and instructive experience of building a material paradise that killed the Orthodox empire. Russia’s decline has demonstrated that neither the territory nor formidable economy nor even nuclear arms can stop the country from slipping to the margins of history: matter deprived of spirit is dead. The philosophy of hedonistic and Narcissist libertarianism challenges all great national and spiritual traditions and demands that these traditions be removed so that history be deprived of any moral purpose.

Liberalism that has reached the stage of degradation and has lost its moral aims and purposes is as alien to Europe as it is alien to Orthodox Russia. If both of them follow this road they will find themselves loosing any historical initiative and pushed to the world’s backyard. This will mean not only the end of liberal history according to Fukuyama but also the decline of Europe – Untergang des Abendlandes according to Spengler. Both of them, though, may acquire the badly needed historical impulse through their cultural and historical cooperation.

EMMANUEL TODD, prominent French academic and public figure, began his widely acclaimed book with: «The United States of America are developing into a problem for the rest of the world» and concluded: «The ’global’ American power has entered the stage of decline of its military, economic, and ideological might.»[2]

In the short-term perspective, however, one should accept America and its attempts at global governance with new ideological and legal parameters as new geopolitical reality in which Russia, Europe, and America for that matter have still to find their places. One can see that the structure that Washington is building up is still shaky. To invest it with stability and to uproot the regional configurations of the bipolar past, America resorts to annual hysterics over conflicts of secondary importance

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