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Наталия Нарочницкая участвовала в Комиссии, при Президенте РФ по противодействию попыткам фальсификации истории в ущерб интересам России.

Русское гражданское движение

Наталия Алексеевна Нарочницкая – известный ученый, общественно-политический деятель, православный идеолог, доктор исторических наук

Европейский институт демократии и сотрудничества (Париж) возглавляет Наталия Алексеевна Нарочницкая

Фонд исторической перспективы (ФИП) был создан в 2004 году Наталией Алексеевной Нарочницкой и группой ее соратников.

Информационно-аналитический портал, посвященный деятельности российского ученого, общественного деятеля Наталии Алексеевны Нарочницкой


Early in this century the Serbs and Serbia as the outpost of the Orthodox world along the Drina River were the object of the Mitteleuropa geopolitical projects. At the end of this century they are the objects of brazen military-political actions. Their aim is obvious: to divide the Orthodox Slavs, to suppress their will to lead full-blooded historical life as states, to deprive them of their international roles, and to turn the post-Byzantine space into the Atlantic civilization’s domain.

The missile strikes at Serbia, which NATO launched on 24 March 1999, brought into a bolder relief the changes in the military-strategic and ideological situation in Eastern Europe. East European states join NATO for different reasons yet it is obvious that the small countries at the strategic meeting points of the rival geopolitical systems cannot pursue independent foreign policies. Today, they are part of an anti-Russian combination. The North Atlantic Alliance acquired a much more pronounced anti-Russian nature when Hungary, Poland, and the Czech Republic joined it. Its attitude to the Orthodox Slavs has become much more negative.

In the past these nations either themselves, or as parts of the Habsburg Empire, attacked Russia and the Orthodox Slavs or pressed upon them. In the fourteenth century, as a result of a Hungarian conquest, part of the Serbs were turned Catholic. They developed into Croats whose hatred of their historical roots as presented by the Orthodox Serbs is overwhelming. Croatia fought together with Hitler and exterminated Serbian civilians. The centuries-old reality — Polish animosity towards Russia — had revealed itself at all times when Poland was a mighty and independent power until Russia overwhelmed it with her own might. It is ridiculous to explain six hundred years (between the twelfth and seventeenth centuries) of unprovoked expansion to the western fringes of the Russian Orthodox lands by the «divisions of Poland» and «czarism.»

At the time of troubles and domestic strife in Russia these nations participated, in one form or another, in anti-Russian hostile and aggressive acts. The examples are numerous: from the Napoleonic invasion to the intervention into Russia caught in the fires of the Civil War. Hungarians, Czechs, and Poles all invaded Russia. It should be added that the Finns did not show ill feelings towards the former «mother-country.» Despite the sad experience of the Soviet-1 Finnish war Finland has been and remains a good neighbor. Everything written I about Russian imperialism in this country and abroad notwithstanding, one obvious fact stands apart as a general result of ten centuries of Mediaeval and modern history. It was the West using the spear of East European Catholics that was consistently moving eastward from the tenth to the mid-twentieth century. The territory of Russia was consistently pushed further away from the cradle of the Russian statehood.

The Crimean and Potsdam conferences changed the situation: for fifty years the Soviet Union was exercising its influence over entire Eastern Europe. Toynbee wrote that for the first time in the last millennium the West experience pressure from Russia — throughout centuries she had been experiencing pressure from the West. A. Toynbee, «The World and the West: Russia,» The Listener, November 20, 1952. It was at that time that Poland, Hungary, and Czechoslovakia turned out to be less reliable partners of the Soviet bloc than the divided Germans. It is indicative that they unequivocally approved NATO bombing of the Serbian positions in Krajna and Bosnia, joined NATO without questions, and approved the aggression against Yugoslavia launched by the North Atlantic Alliance on 24 March in violation of international legal norms.

Obviously, against the backdrop of East European countries joining NATO Orthodox Serbia that refused to curb to the Atlantic diktat is seen as an impossible troublemaker in the bloc’s rear. Pressure was mounting until it reached the stage of war.

When encroaching on Russia’s interests and those of rebellious Slavic Orthodox «barbarians» today, as in the past, the Catholic West, and the Angle Saxon interests in the first place, form a geopolitical and spiritual alliance with Islam. The West did not shun from setting up a belligerent Muslim state, Bosnia in the heart of Europe despite the proclaimed strategic aim of its leader Izetbegovic to create an Islamic federation stretching from the Adriatic to the Great Chinese Wall. See: A. Izetbegovic. The Islamic Declaration. A Program for Islamization of Muslims and the Muslim Peoples, Saraevo, 1990. Today, there are plans to separate Kosovo from Serbia by force. The West is out to give to the Albanians, through military actions, the land which is the cradle of the Serbian statehood, the Nemanyich state and the homeland of St. Savva of Serbia. Back in 1945, the Albanians were in the minority Kosovo and this despite the fact that the Serbs suffered the greatest per capita loss of life in World War II.

One can clearly see that occupation of Kosovo is a well-planned aim of the United States that has to be reached despite the real state of affairs Yugoslavia and the policy of its leaders. In fact, this is an act of aggression against a sovereign state in which nothing extraordinary happened (similar thing took place elsewhere: in Ulster, the Basque Country, Kashmir, and Chechnya! This sovereign state does not present a menace to any of the NATO members and is not in a state of conflict with them. To pursue their aims the United States was prepared to use any pretext or to do without it. They did not hesitate to become an aggressor tramping on international laws.

The United States are using Albanians in their fight against the stubborn Slavs and they want to control the process to serve their own interests

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